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  • About the Study

    Title: The Predictive Relationship Between Organizational Innovativeness and Airline Pilots' Perception of Employer Attractiveness


    I want to learn about what aspects of innovation might make an airline more attractive to pilots when they decide which airline to apply to fly for. Research indicates that the views of current employees helps organizations shape their recruiting marketing efforts, so your views are an important source of data.


    While this research did not benefit participants directly, their participation may help future researchers or airline leaders better understand how to attract pilots to the profession.


    Participation in this research was voluntary and completely anonymous. Participant criteria included FAA Certified pilots:

    • holding an airline transport pilot certificate;

    • aged between 23 and 65 years old; and

    • actively employed as a pilot for a part 121 operator in the United States


    I am writing an academic paper about the research findings using the collected data as part of my doctoral education program.

  • About the Author

    H. Michael Miley is a 30+ year CFII & CMEL pilot working on a Ph.D. in Business Strategy and Innovation at Capella University.

    After twenty years of working in technology and teaching as a CFII, I decided to go back to school at Capella University in the School of Business, Technology, and Health Care Administration. I am conducting this research to complete my Business Strategy and Innovation degree.